About Us

At Royal Oaks Manor we are committed to creating an affordable home-like environment. We believe it is vital for our residents to continue living healthy, happy lives. To this end, we are committed to providing an environment where that is possible while respecting that finances may be limited. By listening to our residents and their families, we are reminded each day that this is their home and home is everything.

So What Makes Us Different?

It begins with family owned and operated. The owners, Patrick and Marie Sirochman, are working in house daily to ensure the well-being of those they are entrusted with. They are assisted greatly by their four adult children that all participate in providing the services and environment our residents and families deserve.

One of the many advantages of being locally owned and managed is that we can adapt quickly to the needs and desires of our residents. Rather than decisions being dictated by a remote corporate office. At Royal Oaks Manor you are able to speak directly with the owners who listen to you and provide a prompt response to your concerns and suggestions.


Largo Assisted Living Facility

Royal Oaks Manor
1833 Seminole Blvd‎.
Largo, FL 33778

tel: (727) 584-5550
fax: (727)-588-9421
email: info@romalf.com

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